Posted on January 27, 2011


(From the OCPRS, Toronto Canada)

Date of Investigation – October 28 2010 Location – 375 Mount Pleasant Rd (Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto Ontario Canada) Background – Mount Pleasant Cemetery was opened in 1876. There are no well known reports of apparitions or other paranormal phenomenon reported at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

On August 2 2010, Demetrius made a casual visit to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. From hundreds of photos taken that day, one picture yielded an unusual image. What appears to be a face can be seen reflecting on the grave stone of Robert Pollock & Margaret Cochrane Pollock. Some third party opinions suggested that the face seems to actually be two faces overlapping one another. A few people could see a side profile of a balding man wearing spectacles or sunglasses, while others said they could see a skull-like face wearing an eye-patch. This provokes the question whether or not the image wasn’t simply an optical delusion based on what people wanted to see. Both Marcio and Demetrius couldn’t rule out this possibility. However, despite differing opinions, a facial image was still identified by third parties, regardless of what they described. This aspect of the image was enough to motivate an investigation.

Investigation Summary – Research was conducted in an attempt to locate information about Robert Pollock (since the image appears to be male, and since the image appeared on his grave stone). No pictures of Robert Pollock could be located for comparison. The limited information available, concerning Robert Pollock, did not provide any helpful details. The only potential evidence was the photograph. An investigation needed to be conducted. The gravestone was first examined to determine if the image was naturally occurring or not. Oxidization and water stains (due to rain and pollution) do cause marble grave stones to become somewhat discoloured, but the discolouration did not form anything closely resembling a face. There is also a very thin layer of patina on the grave stone but the marble was still reflective. Additional photos were taken in order to try and reproduce the image but the results were negative.

On October 28 2010, both Marcio and Demetrius returned to Mount Pleasant Cemetery to conduct further tests. Robert Pollock’s grave stone was thoroughly examined in addition to the Archibald Wayne Dingman grave stone. In addition to these, the Massey family vault was investigated since it was directly across from the Robert Pollock grave stone. The reason for this is due to reports that the former Massey family residence (now Keg Mansion, located at 515 Jarvis Street) and Massey Hall (located at 178 Victoria Street) are haunted. Photography and Video yielded no results. Personal observations were also negative. By all observations of sight and sound, the area was an ordinary cemetery with nothing extraordinary occurring. EMF (Electrical Magnetic Field) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) tests were carried out in an attempt to determine if anything could be detected. All EMF tests proved negative. The EVP data was reviewed after the initial investigation. During the review of the EVP data, Marcio located something on the third recording (discovered 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the recording). The recording occurred while returning to the Robert Pollock grave stone from the Massey vault. Slowing down the EVP recording, Demetrius believed he could hear the words “I will be watching you.” Marcio reviewed the evidence further and explained that although he could understand why one could make out the word “watching,” he correctly determined that the other sounds were too incoherent to verify. Although the results of this EVP were inconclusive, the sounds captured on the EVP were not naturally occurring to the conditions and environment investigated. The sounds captured during the third EVP recording did not occur on any of the other recordings taken that day.

Conclusions – The location investigated at Mount Pleasant Cemetery provided some evidence that it may be producing some form of paranormal phenomenon. The problem, however, is that the additional evidence (such as the EVP recording) did not help to define precisely what is occurring there. Something outside the scope of the ordinary may very well be occurring at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, but as for what and why anything paranormal exists there, it could not be resolved through the investigation. Marcio and Demetrius could not determine if the photograph was somehow connected to the third EVP recording. Perhaps additional investigations by the OCPRS (or other interested parties, for the sake of objectivity) may broaden what type of paranormal activity is taking place at the Robert Pollock grave stone.

Presented as a possibility, the photo and EVP recording may have been nothing more than a demonic deception – or misdirection. After all, the purpose of the OCPRS is to document and contextualize the paranormal according to Christian points of view. A demonic manifestation may have been occurring in order to divert the purpose of the OCPRS and lead Marcio and Demetrius into believing Mount Pleasant Cemetery is haunted. Therefore, the evidence for paranormal activity at Mount Pleasant Cemetery may have been a random incident and not a regular occurrence, such as a haunting would be defined. Like other investigations conducted by the OCPRS, both Marcio and Demetrius keep such considerations in mind.

Other Considerations – The only potential evidence remaining (according to Marcio and Demetrius) was the photo taken on Aug. 2, 2010. In most cases of paranormal investigation, the typical response is to make an assumption that any such image or “ghost” is the image of a dead person. This view is somewhat misleading. The assumption that ghosts are the souls of dead people promotes a view that is antithetical to the teachings of the Church concerning the spiritual world. Consider how such a view removes heaven and hell. Demonic manifestations attempt to deceive people of a false afterlife existence in order to draw them away from the truth of God’s judgement. While the EVP was inconclusive, it provokes one to consider why a ghost would be “watching” both Marcio and Demetrius. To better explain the issue of ghosts and demonic manifestations, Marcio and Demetrius wrote an article entitled, Ghosts & Evil Spirits – According to the OCPRS. The investigation at Mount Pleasant Cemetery may have not provided any closure to the image captured on August 2 2010, but it did present an opportunity to examine questions about the afterlife.