About the (OCPRS) Ontario Catholic Paranormal Research Society, Toronto, Canada.

Welcome to the ONTARIO CATHOLIC PARANORMAL RESEARCH SOCIETY of Toronto, Canada – Blog. The OCPRS is a not for profit organization and does not accept donations. All research and related work is done on a volunteer basis.

The OCPRS was founded by two individuals – Marcio and Demetrius – in Toronto, Canada, April 2010. The reason for founding such a group was to address the wide-spread misinformation concerning the spiritual world, largely promoted through TV shows about ghost hunting and other paranormal phenomena. Such TV shows and groups claiming to study the paranormal promote satanic beliefs and practices. The public perception about spirituality is being drawn away from Christianity into the New Age & Occultism. In most cases, even Christians do not realize this is happening to them. To counter this corruption against Christian spirituality, the focus of the OCPRS is to explore such phenomena and provide solutions through Roman Catholicism and other traditinal Churches such as Eastern Orthodoxy.

Unlike so many other paranormal research societies, the OCPRS does not make use or accept occult and New Age perspectives in its own views concerning the paranormal. The primary purpose of the OCPRS is to explore those things considered paranormal through Christian perspectives. The spiritual world cannot be defined according to false spiritual teachings found in the occult or new-age philosophies and religions. Instead, the OCPRS utilizes biblical sources, and the writings of the Holy Church Fathers who have addressed many of the same issues that continue to spiritually oppress humanity today. Using these Christian sources, the OCPRS presents spirituality in its Christian context. Our concern is to address paranormal activities that may be harmful to the unsuspecting public.

For those who wish to contact us:

If you have any articles, reports, or require Christian answers to problems you believe to be paranormal phenomena, please contact us. Your privacy and personal beliefs will be respected. We do not charge for our services. The OCPRS does not conduct exorcisms or house blessings.


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  1. emma sloan

    April 12, 2011

    Hi Demetrius

    Have sent detailed email to you about our ‘haunted’ house as those who knew it, called it. We lived on Mount Pleasant Rd. for 5 years. and during that time many strange things happened, yet unexplained. Typical answers are that we had ghosts. It is easy to say, ‘ghosts’ or ‘demons’ or anything really. I know what we experienced there was real. I just don’t know what it was, or what caused it. Culturally speaking, we seem to believe in ghosts, demons, spirits, etc.. These are ‘faith’ based answers. We don’t really know with scientific-based logic the ‘truth’, do we? Has anyone else living on Mount Pleasant Road had the same experience? Please share what you experienced.

    Emma… looking for answers

  2. Hello Emma,

    Please excuse my late reply. Thank you for posting and I will be checking my email shortly after this reply to you. I will continue this discussion (if you are willing) through email.

    In Christ,


  3. Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

    • We are pleased to get such feedback. What in particular did you find helpful? Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions or topics that need to be addressed or expanded on, please feel free to email us.

      God bless.

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    All the best,

    Sabina Foo


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  5. You write very well, and I would suggest you write an article about Hazelburn, the residence of the Jarvis family in Toronto. Although the mansion has been demolished long ago, in “landmarks of old Toronto” (or a book by a similar title), the author (Ross Robertson, I believe) writes of how the house was unliveable and therefore had to be demolished. Apparently the study in the house was haunted. It was converted into a guest room, and no guest could ever sleep peacefully there. They complained of “groanings and moanings” being heard in the room.

    From my own research, I know that William Jarvis, the family patriarch in Canada was Grand Master of freemasonry in Upper Canada for 25 years or so. No doubt he performed some sort of occult rituals that opened a portal in his study and it never was shut. Hence the resulting haunting of Hazelburn and the eventual demolition of this unliveable house. Little wonder that to this day, Jarvis St., (especially in the vicinity of this family property), is one of the most accursed, tragic, crime-infested neighbourhoods in the city.

    I would like to communicate with you privately, as I have something to add to one of your earlier investigations.

    I appreciate the work you do, and hope that it will help steer people away from darkness, and towards seeking spiritual communion with God through the way provided by Jesus Christ.

    God Bless you!

  6. Hi,

    I would like to know if you have had any successful cases. I’m interested in your approach to the paranormal. Thank you.

    ben Grisham

    • Hi Ben,

      Great question you are asking. Have we had any successful cases? Not really, and here is why. Many people who have contacted the OCPRS have been attention seekers and pranksters. A very few people have been sincere, but were deemed to require psychological and other medical attention. An even smaller group of people who have required assistance in matters of the paranormal have been directed to priests for guidance on certain matters.

      Another problem is that membership of the OCPRS now only consists of myself (Demetrius). The other co-founder (Marcio) has left the OCPRS for other pursuits which unfortunately may have been a direct result of exploring the paranormal (in other words, a negative consequence can result from exploring the paranormal even from a Christian perspective).

      I’m glad you find our approach interesting. I would also like to add that if you (or anyone) has any contributions (articles, advice, interest in joining, etc.) the OCPRS welcomes those who are interested in counter-acting the spiritual deceit which has dominated the so-called paranormal world.

      In Christ,



  7. Bruce Anderson

    April 25, 2012

    I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am glad I found your site. I came into the Catholic Church two years ago and have been a paranormal investigator for over ten years. I am associated with a lay order of a religious community and the priests of the community support me in my interest of investigating paranormal phenomena.I am also a member of a charismatic prayer group at my parish that works in a healing ministry. I am discussing with them doing deliverance prayer. I am interested in discussing a recent investigation with you.

    Yours in Christ

    Bruce Anderson


  8. Laura Bowman

    July 10, 2012

    Whoa, Demetrius…I just came to this page to read about who you are, and discovered that I “nailed” what you were trying to say in the article about paranormal electromagnetic theory. In reading the comments posted here, I’m very disappointed to read what you wrote to Ben, about Marcio leaving…and your comment about paranormal research having negative consequences. I’m going to tell you something….your viewpoint about the negative consequences of paranormal research/interest are extremely closed minded and solely based on your personal belief in an organized religion. This may very well be why you’re the only member of your organization. Has the thought ever occurred to you that perhaps Marcio has discovered just how much has been lost in translation, in the way of organized religion? How can you possibly think that you can “consider the possibilities” in paranormal research, if your viewpoint stems from a single belief? There are many people on this Earth who are not in need of psychological, medical or Clergy assistance with their paranormal experiences. They just want a “straight up” answer to what is going on. The problem is that no one can give them a straight up answer, because we haven’t figured it out yet. And yes, by the way, I personally do believe in Jesus Christ…..because that is what I was brought up to believe. But I also know that “every” religion has their own prophets, their own miracles, and their own belief system. You cannot approach a subject so misunderstood with the parameters set in your brain by the organized religion you were taught to believe. It leaves no room for growth. JMO.

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, there are many religions on this Earth, but each one claims to promote exclusive truth. Even the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism claim exclusive truth while promoting multiple paths to some form of revelation or outcome. The term you used, “close-minded” suggests that as a Christian, I should accept an open-minded view and therefore not believe that Jesus Christ is not the only path to salvation. This I cannot do, and I don’t believe this makes me close-minded as you suggest.

      As for organized-religion being a limitation (as you suggest), then why do paranormal researchers/investigators gravitate towards those conclusions established/derived from Eastern Religions such as Theosophy which blended European occultism with Eastern religions? Modern Spiritualism is another example. In fact, so-called Physical Research Societies grew hand-in-hand with Modern Spiritualism. Yet, today, paranormal enthusiasts don’t realize that most theories they accept stem from organized religions in one form or another. Its just Christianity which stands apart as some sort of obstacle by those who are not merely “not satisfied” (as you say), but who are anti-Christian in their spiritual pursuits.

      Contrary to what you say, I can approach the subject that you believe is misunderstood. And, Yes! Through organized religion.
      In fact, if what you say is true, then paranormal research has in essence become a new spirituality and therefore organized religion with its accepted set of standards/rules, theories. For example, ITC is considered a science by many, but really at its core it retains occult and new age concepts. A few of the articles point this out.

      In any case, I appreciate your comments, but I would like to ask you, what “growth” has paranormal research (the type you believe is constructive) actually achieved?

  9. yes prophetic means psychic. I am psychic medium. need a Charismatic catholic ministry that is open to GLBT queer rights and psychic abilities to be included in church service offrered in preayr group here in Canada:Gospel of Thomas:belief in past life!


  10. John Von Bronzesnake

    August 23, 2012

    Hello Demetrius.
    It is really refreshing to know there are Christians who are not afraid to stand up for the Bible.
    As some of the posts here show, there is a prevailing attitude today where every group believes it is their God given right to not only be accepted, or tollerated, but they demand afirmation!
    I do not hate anyone, so please don’t throw the “homophobe” card at me. My niece is gay and I would gladly give my life to spare hers anytime. I do not have to go against my God in order to accomodate anyone, GLBT or otherwise. Please show us faithful Bible believing Christians the same rspect and tollerance that you ask for.

    Demetrius, I attempted to send you an e-mail via the address provided here, at was not able to send. Do you have another e-mail address I can reach you at please?

    • Hello there,

      Perhaps I will try to contact you. I’ve had many people attempt to contact me but there are always problems for some reason.


      • vonbronzesnake@gmail.com

        September 1, 2012

        Ok Demetrius, thank you for responding.
        I’m actually hoping you can help me by answering a few questions for a book I am witting entitled – Ghost Hunters Hunted – I’m looking for any experiences paranormal investigators may have in being tormented by spirits from past investigations.
        I would be very interested in participating in an investigation if that would be possible.
        Thank you for your time.

        John Von Bronzesnake

      • Hello again John,

        Unfortunately, the experiences that I have had (which may be useful for your book) cannot be shared due to confidentiality agreements, whereby people have also requested that their situations remain off public records due to business, social, and political reasons. I can tell you that being tormented by spirits has less to do with investigating the paranormal, and more to do with adopting false spiritual beliefs and practices.

        As for participating, I’m affraid that is not possible. The OCPRS is only interested in expressing a Christian perspective (and solutions) to those instances believed to be paranormal.

        In Christ,


  11. the photo that german vassula ryden shows that has a crown of thorns on its head looks like a photo of a ghost that she says is her guardian angel daniel and she says he is giving her messages from jesus. I think her photo is a photo of a ghost not a photo of christ or of jesus

    • Hi C.C.,

      Vassula is a self-styled medium who uses the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches as a means to extend her influence and beliefs of the spiritual world in order to lure people into her brand of spirituality. She uses miracles and “miracles” as a means to sensationalize her abilities. Some believe her abilities are genuine but do not stem from God. Some believe she is a con-artist. Ultimately, her “evidence” of anything is highly suspect for many good reasons.

      God bless and beware of false teachers.


  12. John Von Bronzesnake

    September 2, 2012

    God warns us against talking with the dead. consulting with psychics etc…
    Leviticus 19:31
    ‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’ (NIV)Leviticus 20:27
    “Men and women among you who act as mediums or psychics must be put to death by stoning. They are guilty of a capital offense.” (NLT) Deuteronomy 18:10-13
    Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or d wheneveraughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God. (NIV)

    But God also tells us we have authority over demons, and authority to drive demons out.
    That’s why I personally, as a Christian, believe there are no “ghosts” only what scriptures tell us are “familliar spirits” demons. So we Christians must be very aware about exactly what it is we are dealing with before we get into any “ghost” hunting.
    I believe there is a real need for faithful Christians to go out and help people who are being tormented by familliar spirits, but we need to understand exactly what it is that we are dealing with.

    John Von Bronzesnake

  13. Hello, the email address listed seems not working.

  14. The email address listed seems not working. Could you contact me via brian.hyzhang@gmail.com? Thanks.



      October 9, 2012

      Hello zhang,
      I will contact you as soon as possible. Sorry about the email problem. Many people have reported the same issue.


  15. Can I join your team I’m a Christian but very holy I know things that are paranormal when I was a kid I was sent to hell really no joke but when I grew up I found out the truth now I hunt down the truly dangerous betting a oppressing society I’m not perfect but I have seen up close real creatures you would run about biblical there’s a real war goin on even you have no clue about but close my secret but yes can I join your society I will give clues on things you had no idea about not physic just using wisdom

  16. Hello! I recently attempted to reach you through email, but my message was returned as being unable to send. I’m doing some research for a book and wanted to get some information about demons from you. If we could get in contact, or if you could recommend any good sources to look into, that would be great. Thank you!


  17. Jonathan

    January 4, 2013

    I think this might be more easily handled through email. If you could contact me at jt051692@gmail.com, I would be very grateful for a bit more detailed information. It’ll probably be easier to work out then. Thank you!

  18. Hi John,

    Already replied to you in an email but thought I would reply on the blog as well.

    One of my concerns is that the interest in investigationg this home near keele and eglington is that I’m not sure for what purpose?
    Have the residence asked for help? There are other concerns I will send you in an email.

    Any ways, God bless and hope to hear from you soon.


  19. It appears the discussion dropped off for a while… I just spent half and hour reading all the posts since its inception two years ago. Being raise catholic by my parents who are dedicated practising catholics, married catholic, baptized my daughter catholic and joined a community group at my church, I am actually taken aback by the “closed-minded” view that all unexplained phenomenon must be linked to the Christian faith, specifically the Catholic faith.

    Let’s go back a few years – in circa 1618 Galileo published a book called “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”. His scientific view got him persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, tried for Treason and Heresy and sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life under house arrest by the Pope Urban VIII. Closed-mindedness in all its glory.

    It’s been only approximately 25 years or so that the Vatican decided that perhaps there is a link between science, the unexplained and astronomical occurances. In 1993, an observatory was built in Arizona called the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT). They spent millions in the name of science to pursue and try to explain with today’s advanced technology what could not be explained or illustrated in the bible or in 1618.

    MY POINT —> To say that the teachings of the catholic church can provide a logical explaination or conclusive answer to the unexplained or super-natural whether it be cosmic, alien or religious is in itself is ignorant and closed-minded. To say that there should be only ONE Christian explaination to everything supernatural would be to deny our very own existence.

    We can only uncover the truth if we open our minds to other possible explainations, and not only rely on organized religion to provide the answer.

    If I were living in 1618 today and published this memo, I would be imprisoned or put to death by order of the Pope. Call me a Progressive Catholic if you will…


    • Hello Andrew (“Progressive Catholic”),

      Although I’m not sure where your harsh criticism is truly stemming from, it may be a knee-jerk reaction. I would like to address your concerns because I receive many emails like this from non-Christians (mostly spiritualists, atheists, etc.) and they may benefit from this reply as well.

      Your objections seem centered on two major issues: the Christian perspective and science vs. religion. Thats a common theme in many of the OCPRS’s articles, so I’m not surprised you have taken issue over such a matters. I am, however, surprised that you feel that the OCPRS is “ignorant and close-minded” (as you stated), especially since science is never criticized. Instead, pseudo-science is! I’m not sure you have actually examined the articles carefully enough, but as you said, you looked at everything in a 1/2 hour (30 minutes).

      The pseudo-science which is contested by the OCPRS is done so with good reason. In the majority of cases, paranormal research is not science, and is an admixture of occult/new-age beliefs combined with technologies that are used in accordance to theories derived from those occult/new-age beliefs. The end result of such a synthesis is pseudo-science. Most paranormal phenomena is examined based on belief rather than scientific research (i.e. the soul is bio-electric enegery, electromagnetic fields and ghosts, etc). In one article, the OCPRS commented on a paranormal research team that does not use technology as a scientific-mask to present itself as legitimate. Instead, they use technology to identify naturally occurring phenomena, and once that is exhausted, further questions need to be asked in order to determine if something is “paranormal.” When this stage is reached, the OCPRS believes that the so-called objectivity that most paranormal enthusiasts promote, often excludes Christianity in favour of Eastern religions and philosophies, the occult, new-age, and so forth. The OCPRS is simply addressing phenomena that is recognized in the experiences of the Church.

      The OCPRS does not pretend to present exclusive truth. The sources used by the OCPRS come from the Holy Bible, Patristic sources, and other Christian materials associated to the subjects examined. On many occassions, various sciences are explored in order to compare the claims made by paranormal enthusiasts who do not actually promote science, but instead promote non-Christian forms of spirituality. The evidence is abundantly clear throughout all the articles by the OCPRS.

      For some reason you have come to believe that the Church is adverse to science (or at least the OCPRS is), and that science is the true path, and faith is problematic. The truth is, faith and science both have their problems, but both serve very different and important purposes. The OCPRS is not discrediting science, and never has done this. What rests at the heart of the matter are the paranormal beliefs and practices promoted as “science” by people who are gravitating towards non-Christian religions and philosophies. All I can tell you is that you need to set aside your misconceptions about the Church (and the OCPRS) and not pretend that Pope Urban defines the Church in either the past, present, or future. To draw attention to being imprisoned or put to death for stating your opinion, is very strange on your part. Are you trying to imply that the Church and/or OCPRS have such a mentality towards “progressive” thinking???

      Science and the paranormal are indeed synthesizing, but How? Why? etc. is the real underlying issue the OCPRS has. On one hand, science can approach boundaries that we have yet to understand. On the other hand, many people are using science and technology to promote non-scientific beliefs and practices. I recently posted an article about the Ouija board and ITC. I recomend you read it to fully appreciate what I’m stating here.

      Any ways, I’m glad you posted your comment. Maybe both your concerns and my reply will help satisfy concerns other people may have.

      In Christ,



    • james spence

      August 3, 2013

      Hey andrew how is life today? Gods explanation of things is the best. I know the church did what they did, but the church is OK. We all know religion was crazy in those days, but God is still on the throne. It’s the church as a matter of fact that doesn’t wanna see inexperienced individuals get harmed by not only the tactics of fascinated imaginable techniques of a modern day world…levitating tables as such, but also a diabolical entity. It’ll all be OK man, its just safety tips. The church just doesn’t want another Linda Blair going on.


  20. Debbie Wintermute

    April 6, 2013

    Approximately one month ago a photo was taken by my daughter on her cell phone. Four days after my mothers passing she took this photo of myself sitting on my couch and above me , floating in the corner of the living room is a full body apparition of a ghost from waist up – very clear with another image of a bearded man, which I believe to be Jesus Christ in the ghosts forehead. Can you help me with this spirit in my home.

    Thank you
    Deborah Wintermute
    (Phone Number Deleted)

  21. Hi Demetrius,

    I sent you an e-mail the other night. I am hoping that you can get back to me as soon as you can, I also understand that you may be busy. My e-mail detailed about experiences that we have had that I cannot explain. My daughter who is now almost 4 years old has been speaking about a family in her room, she plays and talks to a young girl who possibly may be the same age. For the past while she has been speaking about a grumpy ghost, we assumed that it could’ve been the father. Recently she has been describing it as a big dark ghost with red eyes. I also believe that I have a shadow ghost attached to me which is not friendly, from past experiences with it. I don’t know if this is the same one or a different entity or if it is really there. All I know is that my daughter has always been an awesome sleeper and I very rarely had problems with her going to bed till the past month, give or take, she is absolutely terrified to sleep in her room, someone always has to go to her room with her. If you could get back to me as soon as you can I will really appreciate it. I don’t know what to do and it feels like it is tearing us all apart. I apologise if my e-mail is a little all over the place, all of this has been a lot to take in.

    Thank you



    • james spence

      August 3, 2013

      Hey Korean how are you? What you may be experiencing might be an attachment so I’d be careful. Interacting with them can and will open doors. I don’t disbelieve you, but from experience they attach very easily. No Ouija boards or seances please. Lol. That does even more damage. Don’t ask them to do tricks to show they’re there. You know they’re there already. Faith is your number one weapon. Spirits hate that. If your catholic, if I were you I’d definetly stock up on crucifixes, rosaries, holy water and oil. Reading your bible would be an awesome defense for your mind, heart and spirit. A priest could bless your home. Sea salt! Put some of this right around your daughters bed, in front of her door, around all of yalls beds and doors. Everywhere honestly. Let me know how that works. Boy those spirits are gonna get smacked. Lol. Let me know how these work out. 🙂


  22. james spence

    August 3, 2013

    Hey guys. I’m most certainly glad you guys brought this topic up. Let’s say you have a friend who is experiencing a spirit in their home, which in my knowledge it is not of God because of what it’s doing, and this friend asks you because they know your a clean investigator (I hate Ouija boards n seances, crazy junk). What is your opinion on just a clean evp session? I don’t like witchcraft or anything but I use to be an investigator and was quite awesome at it, nor was I an enchanter. I was cleaner than that. Another question, I may be very quack and outta order a bit, but why is it when someone has a spirit in their homes and everyone runs away calling them crazy or blasphemers? Don’t you guys honestly feel like doing an investigation through recording for evidence then expel the spirit? Isn’t that our job to move the devil out? Please don’t be upset I just have some different perspectives. I am a Christian o promise.


  23. jordan flores

    October 14, 2013

    I need someone from my faith to talk just msg me

  24. I understand you have investigated supposed hauntings on kirby road related to “selenas” tomb stone. I have an incredible unedited photo that supports claims of a little girl being spotted there. Please contact me as soon as possible and I will send you the photo which has a little girls face as well as white patches all over it right beside the tomb taken on halloween night 2013. Thank you.

  25. If you have faith in God, then the paranormal events you’re investigating are meant to happen. It’s simply God’s way of leading you in the way you should go.

    • Hi Neil,

      I’m not entirely sure I entirely agree with your point, although I appreciate your positive words of encouragement.

      Everything about the paranormal I have examined to date has revealed how dangerous it can be. You must understand that the paranormal doesn’t lead anyone to God, but Christ does. I wouldn’t classify anything to do with God as “paranormal”

      Also, the pitfalls of paranormal interest most often include what is seemingly “good” but ultimately leads people away from God. For this reason I don’t personally believe that God wishes to lead anyone down the road away from him.

      Like I said, I appreciate the encouragement. I truly do. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves that the paranormal is where God leads us. The entire purpose of the OCPRS is to lead people away from the paranormal and all its false teachings, back to Christ.

  26. You have an interesting perspective on the topic, but remember, Christ was born of the Virgin through a paranormal event. Do you believe Christ’s coming was God’s way of taking you down the wrong path?

    God is so many different things to so many different people, that it’s difficult to believe God leads you in any direction. Each of you finds ways of getting lost on your own.

    • Hi Neil,

      I understand what you are trying to say, but I don’t think “paranormal” is a good choice of word for the Virgin Birth or other miracles and here is why. In the strict sense of the words “supernatural” and “preternatural” (according to the Church) one has to do with God (supernatural) and the other has to do with events associated to the paranormal (preternatural).

      If we reduce the Virgin Birth to simply a paranormal phenomenon, it falls in significance and becomes equated to other “paranormal” phenomena. The choice of words can either minimize spiritual significance or illuminate spiritually meaningful events. Its really a matter of what you believe.

      If you believe in Christ, then you will not associate paranornmal (or preternatural) events to what is strictly supernatural (or having to do with God).

      There are significant differences, and I’m not sure if you are using the term paranormal in a general sense or strict sense. Really, its a matter that the OCPRS deals with on a regular basis when distinguishing non-Christian spirituality from Christian spirituality.

      I appreciate your posts, and appreciate anyone who shows an interest in what the Church has to say concerning the paranormal.

      In Christ,


  27. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.”

  28. Surfing the internet trying to fathom the official Catholic Church doctrine in regard to genuine paranormal investigation (not for money nor fame nor going to haunted locations for kicks) The various write ups are so confusing. If a person has something happening in their home, and then attempts to find out what it is, via digital tape recording for evp’s, video recordings ect, is this a sin? Then comes another question. How is it that so many television shows have priests seemingly involved or ok with Paranormal Investigators aka Warrens, Ghost Adventure Crew a couple of times,Paranormal State? Then on the other hand, I have some across many people who genuinely have been scared of things happening in their home and while the Church will do a blessing, most priests seem to act with skepticism and families are left to it. Why does this happen? Then if that family turn to a paranormal investigator, they are told they are committing a sin. What are they supposed to do if so many priests will not help them? So exactly what is the official Catholic rule in regard to Paranormal Investigation? I am a Catholic, about to give up as a Paranormal Investigator because the Church comes first with me. Certain things had me confused, ie by accident videoing a young child calling out for help in my own home. I could not understand why a young child would be in a state of purgatory. I know Saint Pio saw the ghost of a monk who asked for his prayers explaining he had failed to do his duty in life and so it seems his purgatory was doing in death. Saint Margaret Mary saw ghosts who asked her for Masses and prayers. It is so hard to know what is right and what is wrong in regard to this. Can you help?

    • Hello Sue,

      Not sure if I can help, but let me try and give you some answers.

      Not every person (priest or otherwise) looks at things the same way. I know some Catholics who think I’m too soft in my opinions, while others completely disagree with me (but I don’t want people to agree with me because of religious affiliation). I offer my understanding of the Holy Church Fathers, and of the Bible, and other teachings of the Church. I don’t speak for all Catholics, and they don’t speak for me. What we must do as Catholics is do our best to live in Christ. But the paranormal world doesn’t help in this regard.

      You have to ask yourself if what you do is for your self, or for God? A priest (Fr. Ortega) who contacted me gave me words of encouragement just when I was going to hang-up this sortid paranormal research. He helped me see that I may need to keep doing what I’m doing even though I sometimes feel I’m very alone in all of this. Helping people (Catholic or non-Catholic) is something I know God wants us to do, and even if we can’t help everyone, we have to do what we can. It doesn’t have to be about the paranormal. There are going to be times when all we need is to know that people need us just as much as we need them, and still not everyone is going to see eye-to-eye. We can only speak for ourselves and we are ultimately responsible for our sins and virtues in the eyes of God.

      What is official concerning the Church and the paranormal? I don’t have an “official” answer, but my guess is that it varies on the circumstances. I won’t judge priests or others who approve of things I disagree with, but I try to express concerns which maybe they have overlooked, or have not thought about. Likewise, I’m sure I have overlooked things. We are only human.

      In Christ,



  29. Jen S

    July 1, 2014

    Re: Kirby Side Road …. I just watched your “Debunked” video …Although, I have never seen Selina’s roadside grave … I did experience this: I karaoke sometimes in Bolton .. came home this way from king side rd along weston to kirby… let me tell you MY experience! We had heard of the so called Urban Legend and to be honest I was apprehensive … nonetheless,driving past the barricaded lot going east on kirby, there were 4 sets of headlights coming west … they turned left (south) when we got to where the cars turned … there were NO DRIVEWAYS – just corn fields and no lights anywhere!!! Went back the next day in the daytime, parked my car at the end of the driveway … a friend of mine gutsier than myself went up the driveway by foot – saw a pink blanket spread out on the ground perfectly! As I sat in my car with doors locked, there was something sitting in the tree – could totally see a figure of a person, age, gender could not be determined, but you could totally see something … as my friend came back down the road towards my car, all he could say was that he had the most unpleasant feeling and the hairs all over him stood on end. I have never gone back along this road … nor do I plan too

    • Hello Jen,

      Thanks for posting your experiences. By the way, I appologize for the poor quality in the videos. In the near future, I’m going to receive some help in producing videos which should be much more interactive with the audience.

      As for what you described, could you give more detail about what you feel or think happened that night? Such insight may be helpful in trying to understand what people believe is there (or not there in most cases).

      In Christ,



  30. Jen s

    July 1, 2014

    The nightly event there were 4 headlights as if two cars were driving towards me side by side .. They both made a left turn but there were no homes or driveways to turn into .. Just corn fields … And when I got to the corn fields in passing there were no lights or cars or anything

    As far as the “hell house” driveway .. There is a cement barricade which is where I waited in my car .. My friend walked up and it was he who saw the pink blanket spread out perfectly!

    While I was waiting there was a white cloudy type figure of a person sitting in a tree watching ME … I couldn’t tell if a male or female or age

    When my friend came back to the car he said get out of here I don’t like it .. All the hairs on him were standing on end! Neither of us have ever gone back


  31. stephanie

    August 8, 2014

    Hi, i am concerned, not for myself, but very concerned for a very close friend of mine. For the longest time she had been experiencing odd, and unexplainable things, but before i get into that, i want to discuss what’s been happening to her frequently now.
    she would be home alone, and she would be sitting on her chair, and out of no where, something would push hard.
    she would be waking up around 3am almost every night, sometimes 3:30am.
    she would would laying on her sofa and something would hit it in the back of the sofa very hard. (she also was home alone then too)
    the most intensifing moment out of all of these, would be early this morning, she had woken up gasping for air, freezing cold tempertures, with her neck burning as she checked, their was 3 scratch marks on the side of her neck, red like claw marks. we talked logic and found their was no explination for how this could have happened. meaning she had no window open, door locked, no pets , she doesn’t have nails. etc.
    i would love to get into future more details, but i should wait until someone notices this and give us some options or try to at least help us figure out what is happening to her.
    since the past year, her mood has changed, shes tired most of the time, sad, depressed, cranky, feeling hopeless etc.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

    • Hello Stephanie<

      Not sure what you are asking of the OCPRS. However, you are concerned for your friend. My advice is for you to talk to your friend about seeking spiritual counseling from her Church. You haven't really provided me with much details other than what you believe is paranormal activity. I can't help people if they are not willing to turn to Christ. You will not be able to help your friend if you can't do the same. More importantly, if your friend believes she is experiencing paranormal/demonic molestations, I am puzzled why the both of you haven't already turned directly to the Church for help.

      How open is your friend to Psychological assessment? Please let me know.

      In Christ,


  32. I have been trying to find a demonology course in the Barrie/toronto area but to no avail. Do you have any suggestions of where I can look or know of any upcoming courses.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I will not be checking this website so can you please email me. Thanks


  33. fatty pants

    September 29, 2014

    Lord forbid that TV shows may corrupt our young people but god forbid that you feel you can speak on god’s behalf. Such self righteous behaviour is so 19th century. You are fearful, you have only known fear and its your own ignorance which have made this fear possible. This is not the devils work and there is no hell. What kind of God as loving as you claim it to be would want to instill fear as a means of control? Your religion and most others around the world is a poison to the human condition and mind. I never killed anyone, I have helped those in need and I never stolen anything since I was a child. I accomplished all this without any religion or belief in a diety of any kind. Call me the devil, the blasphemer and banish me to your make believe hell. The only hell on this planet is in the way your religion has been twisted by the sick and poisoned minds of your leaders. Morality?! Please! I don’t hate you, but I hate what poisoned minds of old have done to your brains.

  34. I am so happy that I stumbled on to your page. I have spent only a short amount of time reading through some of your articles and posts and I already feel quite blessed to have found such articulate, well researched and biblically grounded information. I also see the typical retaliation against such dedication as yours…hostile and harsh attacks through some people’s comments on this thread and the lonely walk it can be serving Christ in this manner.

    I hope that God continues to send you encouragement, strength and fresh faith!

    I have had many years of experience watching people get seduced/destroyed by demonic deception that masquerades as “spiritual experience”, I have seen first hand how many people’s interest and ambition in “investigating” the paranormal poisons them…and turns them against each other and away from God.

    But I also have seen many people delivered from real, genuine demonic oppression and possession. Myself included! It has taken over 15 years on this path for my group of 1 (me!!) committed person to be grown into a small but tight knit and powerful team of a few people. We have and continue to learn a lot. Our greatest weapon against the onslaughts of the enemy’s retaliation against us for helping people in such dark matters – is the love of Christ and our desire to glorify and serve him.

    I am looking forward to reading more on your blog!! God bless you!

    • I just wanted to say thank you. I am a protestant, and a pastor myself, and yet I feel solidarity with you in Christ Jesus, our Lord and savior. I have been get of friends and brother with many catholic brothers and sisters throughtout my journey to becoming a Christ Follower, and agree with you wholeheartedly that we cannot, and should not compromise our beliefs, nor the Holy Scriptures, nor the practice of following Christ.

      I want to address these people who like to speak in judgement, using words such as close minded, archaic belief system, etc. The biggest lie we can and do buy into is the lie of objectivity. Everything we do is based upon our belief system, and everything we do, from mundane to spiritual, to scientific is all based upon our beliefs. To speak strongly against someone else’s belief system because it disagrees with your own is a contradiction of your own argument. This being said, the unitarian approach so many seek to create is a nice dream, but a lie.as Demitrius has said on occasion, all belief systems tout to be the soul source of truth. Anything otherwise would be like a crowd of people staring at the sky, and all shouting that it is a different color, and all claiming to be correct because of their perspective. And yet, in full daylight on clear conditions the sky is always blue, and my belief that it is otherwise does not change this fact. There can be only one truth here, as well as in the religious debate. You call people close minded based on your own System of beliefs, and thus remain closed to any possibilities but your own assumptions. To say “I disagree with you based on my own belief system” is more intellectually honest.

      Lastly, pray for me, if you would. Being that I focus much on the spiritual lives of others, as well as being a chaplain for hospice, I often get asked, as well as pray about life, death and spirituality. At times I find myself obsessed with the spiritual realm. I do not believe in ghosts, and know that Satan is a liar, willing to do anything to decive and lead astray anyone, including allowing spiritual things to seem like phenomena of a spiritual nature. And in full knowledge of this, I watch these shows to debunk them, and find that unless I atop, it can border on an obsession. Iive in an area where many native american beliefs are still prevalent, and so I always am in conversation to the Father for spiritual guidance. I do not want to focus on the supernatural, but to become a man of Spiritual integrity and health, that by the Holy spirit, I may walk and bear fruit. Having read through much of your site, I feel that I am, unless called to do otherwise, not supposed to focus upon this part of the spiritual reality, the temptation for me is too great.

      Keep up the good work, and may God richly bless you and keep you in every endeavor He leads you too.

      Brother Brian

  35. Hi, there!

    I’m a profound Catholic who also is interested in paranormal activities and have to agree with your front against trending New Age and occult methods. But I wanted to ask if you have any official authoritization and approval by the Catholic Church itself or if you have priests involved so they don’t conflict with practices of the Church. I believe your stand is a good one but I’m just a little curious before I’d like to ask about volunteering.


  36. Ray Lyell

    December 26, 2014

    Almost bought a house last year. Didn’t because we couldn’t sell ours. I took some pictures on my cell phone of the house we were going to buy in July. In December I transferred the pictures to my new hi res tablet. When I blew up the pictures of the house it was hard to believe what I was seeing. Not only ghosts but demonic faces looking out of the windows. If I hadn’t have taken them myself I would have never believed it! Would like you to see the pictures. However I have emailed them to a few people and they can’t make it out because it is too grainy. Would love to meet with you if you want, or i could try and send them. I am a Christian myself, I have contacted the owner and found out that her daughter is being tormented by night tares and seeing strange things. I think I’m over my head on this one. Love to hear from you. Ray


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